Bae’s Latest Makeover!

If you’ve been following along, ?, you know that my bike has gone through quite a transition since I got it two years ago! Hell, when I first got it I was riding it around with some random dude’s last name on it! ?

I bought her pretty suped up with some 2nd Gen Fox Shox, Houser A-Arms & nerf bars, a Precision Stabilizer, MSD Blaster F1 ECU, Barker exhaust & some mean-lookin’ cut plastics (with that random guy’s name on it!)

After I got a little used to her & I grew my bank account up, I swapped out the front & rear end with the latest FOX Shox, Walsh A-Arms, steering stem, rear linkage, swing arm, and.. of course, my very own graphics! ??

A few months ago, while we were trail riding in Pennsylvania, my exhaust blew. Clearly, it was my packing – but it was the first time I’d ever seen something like that! So, I was my first real taste of how expensive this sport is when things break!
It looked like silly string & it was all over my axle and coming from the exhaust. [Pic below!]

Out came my wallet, but this time because something broke – not just for fun ? I decided to buy the FMF Racing Factory 4.1 PowerBomb – but, I decided to upgrade my controller from the MSD to the Vortex Ignitions – and WOW! I definitely noticed a difference! Definitely had more pep & a deeper roar!

Finally, the last final touches… last weekend I broke my stock sub frame on the racetrack ? I really wanted to buy the Walsh, but my bank account was telling me “no” ❌  this time, so I found a pretty new (& blue) stock take-off from someone. While we had the bike torn apart, I decided to take the nerf bars and the bumpers off to go get a fresh powder coating!

The following photo is this weeks transformation- the top was the before & the bottom is the now! If you want to see the original transformation, check back a couple blog posts! [Click Here to See!] ??

? What do you all think?
I think she looks READY to RIDE!!! ?

Blown Exhaust in the Woods:


Vortex Ignitions ECU & FMF Factory 4.1 Exhaust:

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