I’ll admit it, when I talk about my bike, I smile; and it’s that ear-to-ear kind of smile, too.

It all started in the spring of 2014.. I expressed an interested in wanting to ride a quad & my boyfriend (who’s been riding ATVs his whole life) jumped on the idea real quick! In fact, he was probably more excited than me! We picked up a stock 2007 Suzuki 450 LTR (first photo) that I learned how to ride on in the back yard and in the little wooded area near our house.

Side Note: Many asked my man if he had taken out a life insurance policy on me when they found out I had such a large bike, for a beginner! Clearly, those people had no idea I was a natural! 😉

I learned how to ride on that Suzuki and I also learned that I was going to be riding way too hard to have a stock bike! I took a few nice falls on that bike, both on the track & on the trails – although that is part of the sport, once I gave my boyfriends hooked-up Yamaha YFZ 450R a test ride, I told him it handled like a Ferrari compared to my bike! That day, we listed my Suzuki for sale & we started looking for a bike with some extras on it (it’s much cheaper to buy a bike hooked up than to hook it up yourself).. Early November, we found ‘the one’ & we set out on a 4.5 hour ride to pick her up! It’s a 2009 Yamaha YFZ 450R! Check out the second photo, that’s her! I used to call her Big Blue, but as you can see by the third photo, she doesn’t look quite the same anymore! She’s currently nameless – feel free to leave a suggestion in the comments!

Over the last year & a half, I’ve added a lot of extras to my bike and I’m really excited to show you the transformation! Stay tuned – soon, I’ll be showing you all the extras! I’ll let you know why I chose them & where to grab yours at!


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  1. Candice says: Reply

    This is an amazing story of how you took off!!! I can’t wait for you too add more to this!?

  2. Mariam says: Reply

    I love the transformation!! The bike looks great! I feel like the name “blue thunder” is appropriate for this lady..

    1. “Blue Thunder” has a really nice catch to it!

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