Durhamtown Off-Road Resort (GoPro Videos Attached!)

Durhamtown Plantation Resort ATV Quad

I’m definitely 100% down to go to a beautiful spa resort but I am also ALWAYS down to take a trip to Durhamtown Plantation, an off-road “sportsman resort.”  Although I’ve only been riding 3 years, I’ve made 5 trips here the past 3 years! It’s over 6,000 acres of off-road tracks & trails located in Union Point, GA. We take our motorhome and get 50-amp hookup, but they also have cabins available for rental. If you have an ATV, side-by-side, Jeep or dirt bike – you definitely want to grab your crew & check Durhamtown out!


Durhamtown Resort Georgia




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  1. This sounds like a great spot to test out our adventurous spirit – we love off roading of all kinds. Thanks for the tip – had never heard of Durhamtown Off-Road Resort before.

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