I Finally Cleared the Double at Field of Dreams! (GoPro Video Attached)

This spring is going to be the start of my third year riding a quad & although I’ve spent many hours on the Vet Track at NJMP Field of Dreams, they have a somewhat-small double that I’ve been too scared to hit for 2 years. I’ve rolled this thing so many times & then I started to case it — or as I always said “I’m sizing it up!” But yesterday… I crushed that thing! And, I did it numerous times!

As tacky as it may sound, I don’t think I’ll forget ever forget this day!

Hitting a double is much different than hitting a tabletop or a step-up & it comes with a lot more consequences – landing too short or too long can end you in some trouble. You really have to have to build your confidence & judge it pretty accurately.

I swear, this video does no justice whatsoever to this jump, BUT, like I said – I feared it for 2 years, always wondering “will I ever clear that thing?” I’m so proud of myself & even more proud I caught it on film!

Here’s some footage from my GoPro helmet cam 🙂 










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