Independence Day weekend @ Majestic Trails

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While everyone was headed south on the parkway to the Jersey Shore, we were headed north  to my favorite ATV trails in the north east Majestic Trails! It was time to get in some serious #ThrottleTherapy!

Majestic Trails is a family owned & operated ATV trail system with a campsite located in the Majestic Allegany Mountain region of north/central Pennsylvania. Brenda Fitch and her son, Jimmy, run the place & they have always treated us and everyone around us like family! Currently, they have over 41 miles of groomed, 1-way traffic trails through the mountains with expansion in mind. All the trails are marked with signage, so you don’t need to carry around a trail map – which is great! They have the ‘green trail‘ (easier), a ‘blue trail‘ (intermediate) and the ‘black trail‘ (most difficult, steep hillclimbs). You can check out their website for more info and give them a call to get your campsite booked! This was our 4th trip in the last 2 years out to Majestic Trials, and I’d have to say, it was the best one yet!

We loaded up the motorhome/trailer & hit the road Friday afternoon. It’s about a 5.5 hour drive from where we live, just under 300 miles. It was a smooth ride since we were going in the opposite direction of everyone who was headed to the beach for the holiday weekend!

We arrived late Friday night and set-up camp next to one of our other friends who came with his dirtbike/trailer and went to bed. I think I can speak for everybody when I say, we woke up Saturday filled with excitement to hit the trails! The weather was going to be great, 78 and sunny! We had a nice breakfast and started getting the bikes ready to go. The three of us had an incredible 2-hour power ride in the morning, then we had some lunch & went out for another killer sesh in the late-afternoon. That’s the ride that I really felt the improvement in my skills from the last time I’d rode here! I’m getting fast, real fast! 🙂

Saturday night’s firework show was spectacular! They had a DJ playing patriotic country music down by the lake with the music videos on a blow-up screen and the fireworks went off over the lake. It was beautiful! The way every American 4th of July celebration should be!

Sunday we woke up hurting, just as we knew we would! Our friend hit the road to head home, but Dennis and I decided to hit the mountains and get a few laps in. As the day went on, our bodies were tightening up & getting more sore – we knew we were out of shape, but this just verified we need to spend some more time on our bikes! It was time to pack up & get the journey home started, but we’ll definitely be coming back to Majestic Trails before the end of this year 🙂

P.S. – I’ll try to get some of the GoPro video’s attached to this post later this week!

…and we’re off!

My hot chauffeur!

Notice the traffic headed the other direction!

The dogs love traveling in the motorhome! They all sleep on the couch!

IMG_1561Yamaha Parking Only 🙂

My Girl <3

He washed & dried all the dishes!

motorhome rv campsite majestic trails campingOur campsite!

5-minute breather on day 1 of riding!

just killed a 2-hour morning ride! ?? #throttletherapy #atv #majestictrails

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Dirty bikes!

She was not a fan of the fireworks!

transgender bathrooms atv majestic trails unisex restroom
“For those that are confused!” Only at Majestic! LOL

We showered & hit the road back home to beat traffic!


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