Middleford Motocross Park in Delaware

Last weekend we were lucky enough to try out the new (not technically NEW, but I’ll get into that soon) Middleford Motocross Park in Seaford, Delaware. It isn’t exactly a joy ride there or back, it takes us 3 hours one way, but, the track is totally worth the ride!

Its a pretty long track with a perfect combination of sand & dirt. The tabletops are long & theres a few triples that most of us just double. It’s now under new ownership & it’s called the Middleford Motocross Park, but it used to be called Speed Citi!

GO Check it Out!

Official Website || http://www.middlefordmotocrosspark.com

Facebook Page/Group || https://www.facebook.com/groups/389262068099126/?fref=nf





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