Mini Rosé Tasting!

I’m not a big drinker but I love me some bubblé! It seems that rosé is more popular now than ever, so, my girlfriend & I decided to do a mini-tasting of our own!

We chose 3 different bottles with different price points. Our first choice, the most expensive one as well, was the Moët Nectar Imperial Rosé* (about $54). We also grabbed a very popular brand, Chandon Rosé ($20) to try out. Our final choice was the Martini Rossi Rosé ($12) because we happen to really enjoy their Asti!

RESULTS: The Moët Nectar Imperial Rosé was definitely our #favorite tasting – refreshing & sweet! The second best bottle ended up being the Martini Rossi Rosé! We thought the Chandon Rosé was good, but definitely more brüt tasting!

Now, go get you some rosé!

*being from the Champagne region of France, the Moët Nectar Imperial Rosé is the only true Champagne rosé that we purchased!

Champagne Chiller, Buddha & Dress from TJ MAXX


Furniture from Fortunoff BYS


Serving Dish from Williams Sonoma


Chiller from Home Goods

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