NEW Rider Coming Soon!

I am sooo sorry that I’ve been so MIA lately! I do have two really exciting pieces of news though! First, back in September, I got a brand new 2017 Yamaha YFZ 450R! I’ve only got the chance to ride her a few hours though. Second piece of news is that I’ve been really busy taking care of a new rider who will be joining us VERY soon!! If you can’t tell by the featured pic, that means….. We’re having a BABY!!! … a baby GIRL!!

We broke the exciting news to our family for Christmas – when I was around 12-weeks pregnant. We initially didn’t plan on breaking in the news to them quite yet. I had wanted to wait until the 20-week ultrasound, BUT we had genetic testing done (my beau is a 2x cancer warrior) that happened to come back with all great news just 5 days before Christmas. We also found out the sex of the baby that phone call, too! So much for a fun gender reveal party! Ha!

SO, I hopped onto Etsy & found a really cute photo announcement to download and print to give to our families as a “wait, we have 1 more gift for you..” present! Let me just add – we were staying with his parents for Christmas already, so I was trying to hide my horrible case of all-day (not just morning) sickness. One morning I stayed in bed until almost 1PM – he told his mother that I was so drunk the night before, I was dancing on top of the bar.. really, thanks ass. Anyways, I Amazon Primed some white frames & sent the image to Costco for some quick, quality prints. Just like that, we had our family announcement figured out. On Christmas, everyone was ecstatic to see the least! LOTS of tears of joy & excitement screams – I’m sure all the neighbors heard!

SO, now that family knew, we knew we wanted to share the news with friends in a fun way.. the search commenced & I found an awesome pink 12-volt Yamaha (Raptor) battery powered ride-on (similar link). We wanted to take a picture of our two quads & have the baby’s quad in the middle. We couldn’t wait to get home from our road trip to take the photo & share our news!

Fast-forward a few months & here we are, 3 weeks away from our due date of the 4th of July! The baby nursery is just about done (I’ll have to show you because thats my mini masterpiece) & I’m about to have my shower!


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