Save Time & Money on Pet Food!

I’ve been a huge fan of Petco’s repeat delivery service for quite some time now! Having 4 dogs, we go through an awful lot of dog food in our house & I’m particularly picky when it comes to what brand we feed them. For those of you who haven’t done the mental math yet, that’s a lot of weight for me to be carrying & a lot of money on great dog food! Then one day, when I discovered Petco’s repeat delivery, I never looked back! Let me tell you why!

#1  The prices are discounted by up to 20% IF you sign up for repeat delivery. So right there, that’s over $10 savings per big ol’ bag for us! *This discount is not only on food, but supplies & toys, too!
#2  You get Free Shipping on repeat delivery orders! (Hand packed & delivered)
#3   That’s less time in the pet store for me = less money spent on crap. True story!
#4   It’s super easy to change and/or cancel your order! You control that with your Petco account online! It took me about 3 deliveries to figure out that we need a big bag delivered every 2 weeks, but now, we never run out of dog food!

NEW repeat delivery customers will receive an
EXTRA 20% OFF on their first order
(This promotion will be valid from 07.27 until 08.06 @ 11:59 PM PST)

All you fur baby momma’s & poppa’s should go check it out!
*If you already have a repeat delivery scheduled, just go in & cancel it.. then use the link below to re-register! Keep that between us tho, haha!*

Click the link below to shop & save!

Always up to 20% off + EXTRA 20% off New Repeat Delivery Orders! With Code: rdsave20. Exclusions apply



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