Sunday Funday at NJMP Field of Dreams

]Happy Monday everyone! Yesterday was another great day of riding! Instead of hitting the trails, we went to our favorite (local) ATV-friendly motocross track, NJMP Field of Dreams. My boyfriend and I have been members at Field of Dreams for just over a year. The park is located in Millville (south Jersey) across the street from New Jersey Motorsports Park. FOD has 3 tracks; a pee-wee track, a Vet track & a National Track. They also have some woods trails that are great for beginners or kids.

I hate to say, but there aren’t many places that are ATV friendly in New Jersey. ATVs seem to be discriminated against at a lot of parks across the country! (There are only 2 motocross tracks in New Jersey & the other one doesn’t allow ATVs)  ?

So, for my fellow NJ/DE/PA quad & ATV riders who are looking to trade the woods in for some track time, check out Field of Dreams! The Vet Track is what they usually let us ride on, and that has a few sections of whoops, a nice ‘S’ turn, some tabletops and a double. If you’re looking at the drone pic above, the National Track is the darker track on the left/bottom and the Vet Track is the smaller, lighter looking track on the upper right. It’s great for beginners up to intermediates.

They have a new manager running the place and they say they’ve got some changes going on – like allowing the ATVs to get some time on the National Track, which has much bigger jumps and a step-up. They’ve also added some bleachers, a nice air conditioned bathroom & some hook-ups for RVs that want to camp overnight. I know they mentioned buying some land adjacent to the park to put a new National Quad Track, but we shall see. I’ll just have to keep you updated on the changes!

I hope to see some more ATV riders at Field of Dreams!



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